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New Hampshire Naturalization and Probate Records - FamilySearch Historical Records/Known Issues

Known IssuesEdit

Question 1Edit

Question 1: Some the record groups begin with records for one year and finish with records for another year. Other groups list two years, but the description is not clear. Is there a list of the correct year and name range covered by each browse group?
Answer 1: Instead of breaking folders on year-end boundaries, the operator broke randomly in the middle of the year other waypoint descriptions are unclear. The following is a list of the correct waypoint descriptions that we currently know of.

  • Grafton > Probate estate files Busbee-Wells, Bell-Wheatley 1787-1788 should read Grafton > Probate estate files 1787 (Busbee-Wells), 1788 (Bell-Wheatley)
  • Grafton > Probate estate files Bayley-Trescott, Akin-Haseltine 1795-1796 should read Probate estate files 1795 (Bayley-Trescott), 1796 (Akin-Haseltine)