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Online Records[edit | edit source]

Archives of Manitoba[edit | edit source]

Many court records are transferred to the Archives of Manitoba for safekeeping. Start your search here before contacting courts.

Distance Research[edit | edit source]

For those unable to visit the Archives in Winnipeg, there are several options for conducting research from a distance:

Adoption[edit | edit source]

Manitoba’s legislation allows adoptees and birth parents to apply for access to available identifying information. Adoptees and birth parents can apply to access these records through the Manitoba Post-Adoption Registry.
  • Post-Adoption Registry: The Post-Adoption Registry allows for search and reunion services for eligible family members who were involved in an adoption that was granted in Manitoba. Registry services are provided by the Department of Family Services.

Divorce[edit | edit source]

Between 1920 and 1983, divorce records were kept at the King’s Bench court offices of the province. Since 1983, all divorce records over 25 years old from each of the offices outside Winnipeg or 40 years old in the Winnipeg Eastern Judicial District are being transferred to the Provincial Archives. These records are indexed.

"This database includes the names of the spouses, places of residence at the time of the marriage and divorce, other marriages (if noted), and dates of marriage and divorce (the date when the act became law) for divorce acts from this period. The original records may include additional information such as other places of residence, occupations, additional court action taken, and number of children (and occasionally their names or genders), if any. The very restrictive grounds for the cost of a divorce made them quite rare; the records are, however, worth obtaining when they apply".[1]

Court of Queen’s Bench, Divorce Files 1917-1977[edit | edit source]

The records for the following courts are found at the Archives of Manitoba:

  • Brandon: ca. 1968-1977. Earlier files are with Civil Files.
  • Portage la Prairie: 1920-1988
  • Winnipeg: 1917-1978

The Archives of Manitoba have microfilm copies for loan and purchase of the Divorce Indexes for the Winnipeg Court from 1917-1984 and the Appearance Book-Divorce Proceedings for 1962-1974. These include the records of divorce applications and proceedings in the Court of Queen’s Bench, including notice of petition, answer and decree absolute. There are nominal indexes for most years.

Other Court Records[edit | edit source]

The Manitoba Justice website has the addresses and phone numbers for all the agencies that fall under Manitoba Justice. More recent records, not found in the archives of Manitoba, can be requested from courts. If you have a question about where records may be located and how to access these court records you may wish to contact the Winnipeg Court Office toll-free at 1-900-282-8069.

Public Trustee of Manitoba[edit | edit source]

The Public Trustee becomes involved when:

  • there is no one to act on behalf of infant trust funds
  • a person is not mentally capable of making their own financial or personal decisions
  • a Power of Attorney is used to help a mentally competent person with assistance to administer his or her estate
  • there is no one to act as an Estate Administrator

Contact: Public Trustee General Office
(204) 945-2700

Civil Court Records[edit | edit source]

The civil court deals with claims under $7,500. The records of civil proceedings, including statements of claim, notices of motion, statements of defense and orders are found in the local court.

Criminal Court Records[edit | edit source]

Criminal court records are found in the court where the trial took place.

Court of Appeal Records[edit | edit source]

The Court of Appeal was established in 1906. It hears cases previously heard by other courts. [2]

References[edit | edit source]

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