Langenbuch is part of Schleiz, Saale-Orla-Kreis, Thüringen, Germany


On 6 June 1377, a long dispute was finally settled between the Margrave of Meissen and the stewards of Gera of the "Ketener Holcz" over the Köthen forest between Thierbach and Weckersdorf. The first mention of "Langinbuch" appeared in this legal document. In 1378 it appears as "Langinbuch villa", or the village Langenbuch. Langenbuch was very closely connected to the neighboring village of Mühltroff.

In 1398 the Vogt of Mühltroff, Conrat Strengel, gave a gift to the church, offered to the priest of Langenbuch before witnesses “to lead a better lifestyle and to make the church a gift.” What his offense was remained a mystery, however. In 1404, the Langenbucher demanded that the priest fulfill its obligations to the town and present the gift given to the church. In 1414 the Margrave of Meissen, gave the right to serve wine and mead, privileges that were reserved at that time for only cities and market towns.

On February 17, 1994, Langenbuch, along with Dröswein, Lössau and Oberböhmsdorf, was incorporated into the city of Schleiz.

This history is a translated excerpt from the official website of Schleiz: >stadtinfo>ortsteile>Langenbuch.

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