Kammin, Pomerania

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The citizens of Kammin in Pomerania 1662 - 1780

The author Friedrich Oelgarte published in 1914 in the periodical Roland (February issue, page 21 ff.) a list of citizens of Kammin dated from 1539-1661. He continued this list in the periodical Archiv für Sippenforschung, 5th year (1928, page 83ff.), covering the years 1662 to 1780 and continues this endeavor in subsequent issues, page 125ff., 169ff. , 209ff., 240ff. which can be found in volume 5 of Archiv für Sippenforschung at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, call number 943 B2as.

The lists Mr. Oelgarte established are valuable because the city of Kammin was practically burnt to the ground including the church and the church records. Only in 1632 a new church book was started. A replacement for older entries is the citizenship record. This record existed since 1539. Until 1627 four hundred eight new citizens were registered, unfortunately, their origins were not recorded . The author, however, thinks, these people came from the vicinity of Kammin since their names can be traced to adjacent villages. From 1662 on we see now and then the names and origins of citizens listed. Their professions are also mentioned.