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Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: When searching this collection for records, sometimes I cannot find a year that is listed in the waypoint. How do I find these missing images?
Answer 1: These sets of records could be missing for a variety of reasons: photographer missed them, they were out of the collection at the time of filming, destroyed by weather, war, etc. Unfortunately, the missing records are not available for viewing on FamilySearch, either online or through the Catalog. Please see the list below for records that have been reported missing to FamilySearch:

  • Palermo > Belmonte Mezzagno > Nati, pubblicazioni, matrimoni, cittadinanze, morti 1867-1875, records for 1869 are missing;
  • Palermo > Belmonte Mezzagno > Allegati (matrimoni) 1876-1887 waypoint begins with records from other locations that are already elsewhere in the collection. The Belmonte Mezzagno records are at the end of the Allegati (matrimoni) 1876-1887 waypoint at images 1387-2889.
  • Palermo > Palermo > Matrimoni 1892-1903 Cittadinanze 1866-1896 Morti 1866-1868 > 1495-1496 & 1585-1585, records for Matrimoni 1900 and Matrimoni 1902 are missing.
  • Palermo > Piana degli Albanesi > Nati, pubblicazioni, matrimoni, cittadinanze, morti 1867-1879, records for 1871 are missing.
  • Palermo > Terrasini > Allegati (nati, pubblicazioni, matrimoni, morti) 1874-1890 > Image 603 of 1766, I cannot find the records for 1875-1883. Also for > Palermo > Terrasini > Nati, pubblicazioni, matrimoni, cittadinanze, morti 1867-1884 > Image 1692, only Birth records for 1879 can be found; the other 1879 records are missing;