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{{Languages|Help:Special pages}}
{{Languages|Help:Special pages}}
[[Category:Help|Special pages]]
[[Category:Help|Special pages]]
[[Category:Special Pages| ]]

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PD Important note: This page started out as a copy of one of the Public Domain Help Pages, which can be freely copied into fresh wiki installations and/or distributed with MediaWiki software; see mw:Help:Contents for an overview of all pages. See Project:PD help/Copying for instructions. PD

Special pages are pages that are created by the software on demand. They are located in their own namespace Special: and are not editable directly as other pages.

Some special pages depend on the preferences that have been set by a user, e.g. the number of titles which is displayed on a user's watchlist.

List of special pages[edit | edit source]

Clicking the link Special:Specialpages will take you to a list of all special pages on a wiki. Such a link is often accessible in the toolbox on the left hand panel. Some special pages can be transcluded.