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Help-content.png This help article documents a function of the MediaWiki software used to run the wiki.

When a file such as an image, video or sound clip is uploaded to FamilySearch Wiki associated file page is created. The purpose of these pages is to provide information about the file, such as the author, date of creation, who uploaded the file, any modifications that may have been made, an extended description of the file's subject or context, where the file is used, and license or copyright information. In the case of an image, the file page shows a higher resolution version of the image, if available. To view the file page for an image or video, click on the image itself. For a sound file, click on the information icon, near the sound clip link.

A file page consists of five parts:

  • The file itself
  • The editable section - this should include a description of the file, plus source and license/copyright information. See {{Information}} and Help:License templates
  • "File history" - if a new version of a file is uploaded with the same name, the existing file is replaced and becomes available via file history. See page history
  • "File usage" - a list of pages that embed the file (including pages where the file appears as part of a template). If a file is stored on Commons and used on other Wikimedia wikis, a "Global file usage" section will be included as well.
  • "Metadata" (images only) - technical information about the file and the equipment used to create it (camera model etc.)