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The Green River, in Kentucky, was named after a [[Revolutionary War, 1775 to 1783|American Revolutionary Wa] General, Nathanael Greene. [1]

The 384 mile river, a tributary of the [[Ohio Rive], begins in [[Lincoln County, Kentuck].

Many veterans of the [[Revolutionary War Pension Records and Bounty Land Warrants|American Revolutionar] staked claims along the river as payment for their services during the war. The river valley was nicknamed Rogue's Harbor because besides the veterans a lot of ne'er do wells were also attracted to it.[2].

The Green River was canalized in 1842. Four dams and locks were built on the Green river and one lock and dam was built on its tributary, Barren River, to create a navigable channel all the way to Bowling Green.

During the American [[Kentucky in the Civil War|Civil Wa] daring raids were conducted by General John Hunt Morgan of the Confederacy through the Green River area all the way to southern Indiana and Ohio.[3]

One [[Indians of Kentucky|Native American trib], the Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky, continues to inhabit the Green River area.

The river is an important transportation artery for the coal industry in Mulhenberg County and the aluminum industry of Henderson County.

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