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Wiki Community Meetings[edit | edit source]

Wiki Community Meetings happen each Wednesday (except on the 5th Wednesday). This meeting presents and provides training for new content and maintenance projects on the Wiki.

FamilySearch Wiki Projects[edit | edit source]

These projects are written and directed by FamilySearch Wiki Team:

Help Add Content to the Wiki[edit | edit source]

There are many ways to help add and improve content on the Research Wiki and they can be found listed below:

  • Wiki Content - Send in information about a new resource or database and a volunteer will add it to the Wiki.
  • Report a Problem - Report broken links or other problems found on the Wiki.
  • Learn how to Edit the Wiki - You can become an editor on the Wiki and add information directly to Wiki pages.

Wiki Communication[edit | edit source]

Wiki Yammer Groups[edit | edit source]

The Wiki Community uses Yammer to communicate information regarding the Wiki and allows contributors to ask questions and collaborate.

  • To join the Yammer Wiki Contributor Group, fill out the this form. An invitation into the network will be emailed.
  • Yammer Link

Wiki News and Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Information about the Wiki including new features and known issues can be found on the following Wiki page:

FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries[edit | edit source]

Create a Wiki page for your FamilySearch Affiliate Library and add yourself to the FS Affiliate Libraries page:

Other Ways to Help On the Wiki[edit | edit source]