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Wiki Community MeetingsEdit

Wiki Community Meetings happen each Wednesday (except on the 5th Wednesday). This meeting presents and provides training for new content and maintenance projects on the Wiki.

FamilySearch Wiki ProjectsEdit

These projects are written and directed by FamilySearch Wiki Team:

Help Add Content to the WikiEdit

There are many ways to help add and improve content on the Research Wiki and they can be found listed below:

Wiki CommunicationEdit

Wiki Yammer GroupsEdit

The Wiki Community uses Yammer to communicate information regarding the Wiki and allows contributors to ask questions and collaborate.

  • To join the Yammer Wiki Contributor Group, fill out the this form. An invitation into the network will be emailed.
  • Once you accepted the invitation, use this link to access Yammer.

Wiki News and Known IssuesEdit

Information about the Wiki including new features and known issues can be found on the following Wiki page:

FamilySearch Affiliate LibrariesEdit

Create a Wiki page for your FamilySearch Affiliate Library and add yourself to the FS Affiliate Libraries page:

Other Ways to Help On the WikiEdit