Finding a Place of Origin in Pre-WW II Europe

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Finding a Place of Origin in Pre-WW II Europe[edit | edit source]

(A class project of the missionaries serving on the B-1 floor of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah)

Overview of This Page[edit | edit source]

Object: Find a village/town of origin when only a larger country, region or ethnicity is known by using sources that are searchable by name.

Important Note: Using records created in the country of settlement is usually the best and easiest strategy. Examples are:

  • Incoming passenger lists.
  • Naturalization records.
  • Military draft records.
  • Social Security records.

Using the sources on this page may be more complex and less likely to bring success.

These sources include online databases and other records searchable by name.

This page does not include:

  • Sources specific to a specific town or village.
  • Browse only sources.
  • Genealogical databases built on line or uploaded with GEDCOM files.

Europe General[edit | edit source]

Central Europe[edit | edit source]

Netherlands[edit | edit source]

Eastern Europe[edit | edit source]

Austrian Empire[edit | edit source]

Bohemia and Moravia[edit | edit source]

(Modern Czech Republic)

Galicia[edit | edit source]

German Empire[edit | edit source]

Military[edit | edit source]
Prussian Poland[edit | edit source]
Pomerania[edit | edit source]

Russian Empire[edit | edit source]

Russian Poland, and parts of Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine[edit | edit source]
Ukraine[edit | edit source]

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