Ferkingstad Parish, Rogaland, Norway Genealogy

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Church Records
[edit | edit source]

 Records start in 1758. Ferkingstad is a parish in Skudenes (Skudesnes) clerical district.

  Digitalized images are available at Digitalarkivet.

www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read (Skudenes)

www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read (Skudenes / Ferkingstad)

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

For 1666-1795 the probate records are in Ryfylke and Karmsund judicial district.

For 1793-1901 the probate records are in Karmsund judicial district.

The clerical probate records  for 1692-1812 are in the Karmsund deanery.


Farm Book[edit | edit source]

Lillehammer, Arvid, "Skudenes og Skudeneshavn", Karmøy : Utgitt av bygdebokutvalget i Karmøy, 1982 .

948.31/S12 D2L FHL INTL Book

Farm Book on the Internet[edit | edit source]

Karmøy Genealogy Club is creating an internet accessable listing of the families who have lived on Karmøy. The sources for this website are "Bygdebok for Karmøy," Norges Bybyggelse, notes of Johannes Mjølhus, the church books, probate records, census records, and private family information. 

The family listings are by the farm which they lived on. The explanation of the website is in English but the family information is in Norwegian.


You will find a list of all the farms which are found in the modern Karmøy kommune. As the information comes available there will be a link from the table to the information on a specific farm. On the internet you will only find information of those inhabitants who had registered descendants. A more complete listing is found in the office in Skudeneshavn. You can E-mail inquires to slektsforum.karmoy@c2i.net.

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