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Present: Warren Jones,  Lynda Avery, Sandra Pond, Janell Vasquez, Rorie Jenson, James Tanner, Judy, Charles Smith discussed before meeting

Issues:  FCK editor Problems:  Is there a List?  Know Issues page Know editor bugs.  Removes the Pretty box.  IE 9 Can't edit on some things box is empty and can't edit.  Fck editor code on page.  Crome problems. 

FS Issuesare listed in  Know Issues. FamilySearch Wiki:Known Issues  also is on a couple of archieved pages.  Editor bugs about halfway down.   IE9 issue .Pretty table. Won't work on French Wiki, it is not even on the pages.  Wiki text only works on French Wiki. Some of the problems on FCK are Inserting  images, references. All that include a pop up boxes.  Also Templates.  Inc or links are also problems with TCK editor.

A question:In the right bar under Toolbox is a  permant link. What is it use? Is it usefulor just  another duplicate of history tab. This is a link to the permanent present page. For forwarding to others as you worked on the page.  Will take them to the work you have done and will not change on them.  It is also the next Url for the present page. and goes with it into the history page.