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WikiProject New York Gotoarrow.png Progress Chart Gotoarrow.png Wiki Project New York Tasks - County and town images

Description[edit | edit source]

The purpose of  this task is to locate appropriate pictures to add to each county page (if one does not exist) and to one town/city in that county ONLY.  Do not add a picture to every town/city - it will take too long to complete.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

1. Check the county you are working on to see if it has a picture on it. If it does, skip this county page and go to number 2 below. If it does not have a picture, go to number 3 and come back to number 2 after you've added the picture to the county.

2. Now locate a town page in the county that does not have a picture. Once you have located a town page, go to number 3. You will only add one picture to one town in each county. DO NOT DO ALL TOWNS/CITIES IN A COUNTY. JUST ONE!

3. Look for an appropriate picture to be put on your town or county page. The picture should be:

a. Under 2MB in size.
b. high quality image that is sharp, attractive and illustrate a genealogical educational point.
c. DO NOT UPLOAD A COPYRIGHTED IMAGE OR AN IMAGE THAT MIGHT BE COPYRIGHTED unless you have specific written permission to use it on the wiki.
d. If you have any questions as to whether an image is appropriate or under copyright, consult David Dilts.

4. For more guidance go to the Selecting Images for the Wiki in the Help section.

5. A good place to locate pictures are:

6. Once you find a picture, click on what is under: License. (i.e., Some rights reserved)

In the green banner, it will state what the license is. Pictures that can be used are listed as:

Attribution 2.0 Generic
Attribution-Share Alike
Attribution Non-Commercial

It is not safe to use pictures that say:

No Derivative Works

6. Once you have found a non-copyrighted picture, save a copy of the image on your computer in one of the Wiki compatible file formats (i.e., png, jpg, jpeg, doc, xls, ppt, bmp, pdf, pptx, docx, xlsx, or gif.)

7. To upload images or files (for example, PDF files) directly to the FamilySearch Research Wiki follow these steps:

a. Under "Toolbox," in the sidebar, click "Special pages."
b. In the list, scroll down to the heading "Media reports and uploads," and click on the topic "Upload file."
c. If you are a Reviewer, you will be directed to a page titled Upload File.
d. Click "Browse" to locate the image or file on your computer.
e. After clicking on the "Browse" button, a window will open titled "Choose file." Find the file on your computer you want to upload.
Note: By default, this window will open your "My Pictures" folder on your computer. If the image you want to upload is located in the "My Pictures" folder, scroll down to locate the image, click on the image, and then click the "Open" button at the bottom of the window. [NOTE: If the image or file you want to upload is not located in the "My Pictures" folder, click the dropdown arrow next to the the words "My Pictures" in the box at the top of the page. You will then be able to browse through your computer to locate the image you want to upload by clicking on the image and then clicking the "Open" button.]
f. After clicking the "Open" button, you will be directed back to the Upload File page in the FamilySearch Research Wiki.
g. (Optional but recommended:) Change the "Destination Filename" as needed so that the image or file will have the desired title in the Wiki, but DO NOT delete the file extension off of the name. For example, if you are changing the name from Pic123.jpg, you may change the name to Anything.jpg, but the image will not upload if you change the name to Anything. The .jpg or ,png, etc., must be included in the "Destination Filename."
h. After changing the destination filename (if necessary), type in a "Summary" for the image. Include the author's name when possible. Remember, you must have full rights to the image, or it must be under the Creative Commons license or in the public domain to legally add it to the Wiki.
i. After typing information in the summary, you are ready to upload the image. Click "Upload file."
j. Once the file is uploaded, click Edit this page to add the {{Information}} template:
| Description = 
| Source = 
| Date = 
| Author = 
| Permission = 

k. Fill in the template with the following:
  • Description: Description of the content, (historical) background, and in the case of scientific data, a brief scientific analysis of the media file.
  • Source: Use "Own work" for an original media file. Otherwise, provide the website (with both a link to the page embedding the file and a direct link to the file itself), catalog number, name of institution, book source, etc.
  • Date: Date of creation, or date of publication.
  • Author: Author(s) of the image. If no individual person known use the name of the institution(s) that released the file.
  • Permission: Short description of the permission for use granted by the copyright holder. In the case of general permission (e.g. Public Domain), simply describe the media file's copyright status. Note that the media file must still be tagged with the appropriate license template!
Note: To attach the image to an article or page, see Help:Adding images to articles.