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(Task List)
(Task List)
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| [[Zambia]]  
| [[Zambia]]  
| Heather
| 4 December

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Gazetteers Project for Underserved Countries[edit | edit source]

Project Leader: Carly Bagley
Angola Gazetteers page example
Iran Gazetteers page example
Malta Gazetteers page example
Moldova Gazetteers page example
Purpose: To update/standardize the gazetteers pages for each country. You will use a lot of your best judgement to make these pages better. Some of these pages won't have much information and some may have an incredible amount of information. Therefore, we may have to modify the template in the future. Please reach out anytime you have questions or have difficulties knowing where to place information.

Task List[edit | edit source]

Country Date Completed
Benin 4 December 2019
Democratic Republic of the Congo 4 December 2019
Ghana 4 December 2019
Liberia 4 December 2019
Sierra Leone 4 December 2019
South Africa 4 December
Zambia 4 December

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Step 1: Go to the task list an choose a country. Put your name under 'date completed' to claim it.
Step 2: Go to part 2

PART 2: Filling out page[edit | edit source]

1. Drop this Wikicode onto the page:

| link1=[[COUNTRY Genealogy|COUNTRY]]
| link2=
| link3=
| link4=
| link5=[[COUNTRY Gazetteers|Gazetteers]]

== Online Gazetteers ==

== Print Only Gazetteers == 

== Why Use Gazetteers ==

A gazetteer is a dictionary of place-names. Gazetteers list or describe towns and villages, parishes, states, populations, rivers and mountains, and other geographical features. They usually include only the names of places that existed at the time the gazetteer was published. Within a specific geographical area, the place-names are listed in alphabetical order, similar to a dictionary. You can use a gazetteer to locate the places where your family lived and to determine the civil and religious jurisdictions over those places. 

There are many places within a country with similar or identical place-names. You will need to use a gazetteer to identify the specific town where your ancestor lived, the state the town was or is in, and the jurisdictions where records about the person was kept.

=== Gazetteer Contents ===

Gazetteers may also provide additional information about towns, such as: 

*Different religious denominations 
*Schools, colleges, and universities
*Major manufacturers, canals, docks, and railroad stations
*The population size.
*Boundaries of civil jurisdiction.
*Ecclesiastical jurisdiction(s)
*Longitude and latitude.
*Distances and direction from other from cities.
*Schools, colleges, and universities.
*Denominations and number of churches.
*Historical and biographical information on some individuals (usually high-ranking or famous individuals)


2. Replace COUNTRY with the name of your country. (This will create the country sidebar template and breadcrumb.)

Finding online and print only gazetteers[edit | edit source]

When you search, you might have to search by a country's colonial or alternative name. Also, try finding gazetteers by searching the country's continent. Check the following places to find a gazetteer:
3. Use what is already on the page. If the sources on the page aren't digitally available online, then place them under Print Only Gazetteers.
4. At the very top of the page, add a link for FamilySearch Places. Go here and search for your countries. Then, copy the URL and add it to the page. Paste the following on the page:

*[URL FamilySearch Places]

5. Go to the FamilySearch Catalog. Add publishing information. If the sources on the page aren't digitally available online, then place them under Print Only Gazetteers.


6. Search "COUNTRY Gazetteer" at


7. Go to this website. Add country in the search bar.


11. Try that nation's archive website (you might have to translate "gazetteer" into that nation's language).


12. Automatically link to these websites:

* World Gazetteers at []

13. General Google Search. (Avoid gazetteers that aren't helpful like animal or weather gazetteers. A Wikipedia list of places might be helpful.)
14. Select Save changes.
15. Double-check the page to make sure it looks alright. Make sure that the links under Online Gazetteers are actually digitally available online. All other sources should be under Print Only Gazetteers.
16. Go back to the task list and add the finished date.

To access available information, first log into FamilySearch.

// FamilySearch]:To access available information, first log into FamilySearch.