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Current Projects pageGotoarrow.png Breadcrumbs on England County Topic Pages

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Add or format existing breadcrumbs found on the England county topic pages.

Contact[edit | edit source]

Jane Colmenares

Task List[edit | edit source]

Task List

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Video recording of training

1. Go to the task list and sign up for a county page in England.

2. Once you have signed up for a county, use the link on the task page to go to the county page on the wiki.

3. Using the County side bar on the left, click on the first topic in blue on the top of the list. Skip any red links.

4. Once the topic page is open, check to see if there is a breadcrumb at the top of the page. A breadcrumb will look like the following:


5. If there is no breadcrumb:

a. Copy the following wiki text and add it to the wiki page in wiki text:
''[[England Genealogy|England]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[NAME OF COUNTY WIKI PAGE|NAME OF COUNTY]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]'' '''NAME OF TOPIC WIKI PAGE'''
b. Replace NAME OF COUNTY WIKI PAGE, with the exact name of the county wiki page. After the pipe (|), add the name of the county leaving off the word “genealogy”
c. Replace NAME OF TOPIC WIKI PAGE with the name of the topic page, such as Census.
d. Example for Bedfordshire Census in wikitext: ''[[England Genealogy|England]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Bedfordshire Genealogy|Bedfordshire]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]'' '''Census'’’'''
e. Example of breadcrumb on wiki:

6. If there is already a breadcrumb on the page, just check to make sure it follows the outline of the above in number 5.

7. In the Edit Summary field, type in: Fixed breadcrumb and save the page.

8. Check to make sure the links you created go to the correct wiki pages.

9. Return to the task list and choose another county.

10. Example of correct breadcrumb: