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Remove red links for England County side-bars that are not necessary to research on the county level in England.


Jane Colmenares

Task List

Task List


1. Go to the task page and choose a county to work on.

2. Compare the red links list to what is currently on the side-bar template. If you find a topic that is NOT a red link and it is on our removal list, make note NOT TO REMOVE that link.

3. Go to the Side-bar template.  You can find the link by editing the page and going into wikitext.   Look for {{name-sidebar}} with name being the name of the county you are working on. There may be some additional code before the closing }} brackets. For example, Bedfordshire would be {{Bedfordshire-sidebar}}. Then go to the template by entering Template:name (Template:Bedfordshire-sidebar).

4. Remove the following RED LINKS ONLY from the side bar:

  • Biographies
  • Church Directories
  • Church History
  • FamilySearch Catalog
  • Historical Geography
  • Historical Languages except for Cornwall is the only county that had a different language
  • Jurisdictions
  • Military History
  • Naturalization
  • Nobility
  • Notarial records
  • Personal names – unless it has content
  • Religions
  • Schools
  • Social life and customs
  • Tutorials
  • Vital Records - if it has content, move it over to another page, like Civil Registration or Church Records

5. Also do the following:

  • Rename Genealogy link in the side-bar to make sure it links to the article Compiled Genealogies – it should remain, Genealogy on the side bar
  • In wiki text, copy “Featured content” and add it to the history page – if there is not content on the history page. Leave the content under featured content. It will be removed at a later time.

6.  Once you have finished editing the sidebar, check your work by viewing the saved sidebar.  Go to the task list and enter the completed date and move on to the next county.

NOTE: if the side bar has no red links, most likely all of them have been linked to the England page. Please let us know, as we we would want to investigate that situation before making changes.