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Policies and Procedures[edit | edit source]

This page documents the ongoing development of the policies and procedures for the FamilySearch Research Wiki. The information in the tables track the ongoing development of each policy and the associated procedures.

When Policies and Guidelines are accepted as standards of the Research Wiki, there will be indication of such on the page.

Personal Actions[edit | edit source]

na = not applicable

Personal Actions Policies # Procedure Flags Role Help: Category:
Always work to improve the site
Bots provisions
Prior consent needed from FamilySearch management

FamilySearch Management

Civility and polite discourse must be the rule
Report to administrators. User is warned about possible banning or blocking


Wiki-stalking other contributors or users
Contact administrators


Encourage others
Be bold in your desire to edit

Avoid edit wars
Contact moderators


Avoid legal threats 8
Use mediation first. If needed, contact administrators.

No personal attacks 9

Relinquish "ownership" mentality 10

Digital Coups 11

Three-revert rule 12 See Three-revert rule

User ID 13

Conditions of Use

Be kind to newcomers

User page

Content and Style[edit | edit source]

Content and Style Policies # Procedure Flags Role Help: Category:
Attack pages


Page or article naming 19

Help articles  related to naming and renaming pages: Help:Naming conventions; Help:Renaming a page; and Help:Moving a page which redirects to Help:Renaming a page; and Help:Redirects. Other pages not in the Help namespace include: Name a new article and Renaming pages Category:Ambiguous page title
Neutral point of view 20 If the page is not fixed within two weeks, the content will be deleted. Maintenance Templates see Neutrality disputes

Category:Neutrality disputes
Proven techniques

Anyone can add or remove the "Source" flag. The flag remains on the page until sources are added and the user removes the flag. Maintenance Templates see Articles needing citations

Category:Articles needing citations
Proper content

Missionaries are reviewing new pages by following the guidelines listed at Help:Patrolling new pages Existing pages that are edited do not go through a review process. Instead, we assume the community will review edited content and report inappropriate content as needed. Recently edited Talk pages are reviewed in patrolling, using Help:Patrolling Recent changes.

Help:Patrolling new pages:

Patrolling Recent changes.

Article/page size

Be bold

3D graphics or illustrations

Missionaries with the Moderator Role


Maintenance Templates see Geographic Disambiguation and also Disambiguation

Category:Ambiguous place names 
Link, don't copy

Deletion[edit | edit source]

Deletion Policies # Procedure Flags Role Help: Category:
Deleting Articles/Pages
Report to admin; Consensus process
Maintenance Templates - see the Delete Template
Authors can report; Admin deletes

Category:Deletion Requests
Immediate deletion
Report to admin; Consensus process
Maintenance Templates - see the Delete Template

Category:Deletion Requests
Category deletion
Report to admin; Consensus process
Maintenance Templates - see the Delete Template

Category:Deletion Requests
Deletion Process
Report to admin; Consensus process

Notes: The current deletion request template was created for content that should be immediately deleted. There are other reasons for deletion, but users are hesitant to use the deletion template because of its strong language. We need to either revise the deletion template's language or create additional templates to fill the multiple reasons to request a deletion of content.

Policy Enforcement[edit | edit source]

Policy Enforcement # Procedure Flags Role Help: Category:
Blocking and Banning 32
Blocking length of time determined by admin consensus; Banning is result of multiple blockings

Arbitration 33


Disputes between members 34

Mediation 35

Legal and Copyright[edit | edit source]

Legal and Copyright Policies and Procedures # Procedure Template Role Help: Category:
Anyone can add the copyright template to a page.

Category:Copyright problems
Image use


Editing[edit | edit source]

Dispute Resolution[edit | edit source]

  • Create a Dispute Resolution page and include content that will help authors resolve their own disputes with other authors. For reference see Wikipedia:Negotiation, Wikipedia: Dispute resolution and Wikipedia:WikiProject Dispute Resolution.
  • When disputes about content are not resolved, the page should be protected or locked until disputes are resolved. Wikipedia has a padlock flag for pages that are locked and includes the description: "This page is currently protected from editing until disputes have been resolved." (See POVFORK as an example.)
  • Identify processes and procedures for authors to use when disputes between authors cannot be resolved by themselves. Consider options developed for use by Wikipedia such as:
  1. Editor assistance
  2. As for a third opinion (See Wikipedia:Third opinion article)
  3. Ask about the subject (See Wikipedia:WikiProject talk page)
  4. Ask about a policy by using the talk page of a policy related to the dispute.
  5. Ask for help at a relevant noticeboard (Wikipedia has the Administrator's noticeboard and also separate noticeboards related to specific topics such as Reliable sources; Conflict of interest; and Neutrality.)
  6. For civility issues Wikipedia authors are encouraged to refer to Wikipedia:Wikiquette for idea.
  7. Request a comment (Wikipedia:Requests for comment)
  8. Informal mediation - "The Mediation Cabal is informal, but formal mediation is also available.
  9. Formal mediation through a "Mediation Committee." Wikipedia uses formal mediation "only for disputes about Article Content, not for complaints about user conduct." What happens when disputes are related to the organization and layout of content?
  10. Conduct a survey to help parties gain a better understanding of the dispute. Wikipedia state that the survey itself cannot generate a consensus. (See Wikipedia:Polling)
  • Urgent situations that would require other procedures include:
  1. Urgent violations of policies on Civility and Personal Attacks
  2. Improper usernames
  3. Edit warring and the three-revert rule
  4. Requests for permanent deletion of personal information
  5. Suspected sockpuppetry
  6. If a user has been blocked and wants to request the block be removed
  7. When user's conduct needs urgent attention from an administrator
  8. Others???

Arbitration[edit | edit source]

When all steps to resolving disputes are unsuccessful, what should an author do? Wikipedia incorporates Arbitration as the last resort to dispute resolution, but only when the dispute is NOT over content of an article. The Arbitration Committee reviews the case and makes the final decision. Whereas, Mediation was an attempt to help the parties come to a consensus. Normally Arbitration is used when there are disputes about user conduct and Mediation is used for disputes about article content. Wikipedia articles that may be helpful in developing this process include:

  • Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee
  • Wikipedia:Arbitration policy
  • Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration
  • Wikipedia:Arbitration guide