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The following is a list of "Library Class" branch libraries of the LDS Family History Library. These are Regional Family History Centers and Large Multi-stake Family History Centers that are "Library Class." 

Most of these used to be known as "Regional Libraries" or "Regional Family History Centers." They are not to be confused with the 4,000 plus smaller ward and stake FHCs.[1]  In 2010, the regional branch libraries were redesignated as "Large Multi-Stake FHCs" on the FamilySearch website.

"Library Class" is defined as having a larger facility and are generally complete with a dedicated internal computer server and a library catalogs or card catalogs for their collections.  These branch libraries have dedicated book collections in the thousands, microfilm & microfliche in the tens of thousands, dozens of internet connected computers and microfilm & microfliche readers and some digital scanners. All have dedicated servers with DSL, cable or T-1 internet access. In addition all had at least one multi-use classroom, and several research areas. 

These branch libraries have a dedicated non-paid full-time director (usually a husband/wife team) and dozens of volunteer staff. In many cases non-church member volunteers serve from the community. Local genealogy groups often support these library facilities seeing non-LDS patron use higher than local LDS usage.

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