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From the European settlement of Central America in the 1500's until 1821, the El Salvador area pertained to the Spanish crown. In 1821, Spanish rule ceased and the Federal Republic of Central America began governing the areas of El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. After that government dissolved in 1841, El Salvador became an independent country. Its boundaries today closely reflect those of the early 20th century.


1522 - The first known visit by Spaniards to what is now Salvadoran territory was made
1524 - The first incursion by Spanish forces to extend their dominion to the nation of Cuzcatlan (El Salvador)
1525 - The conquest of Cuzcatlán was completed and the city of San Salvador was established
1811 - A insurrection was launched called the Independence Movement. This insurrection was suppressed and many of its leaders were arrested and served sentences in jail. Another insurrection was launched in 1814, and again this insurrection was also suppressed
1814 - Another insurrection was launched and again this insurrection was suppressed
1841 - When the Federal Republic of Central America was dissolved, El Salvador maintained its own government until it joined Honduras and Nicaragua in 1896 to form the Greater Republic of Central America, which dissolved in 1898
1932 - A guerrilla revolt of indigenous farmers was started and the government responded by killing over 30,000 people at what was to have been a peaceful meeting, it was called The Slaughter
1980 - 1992 Salvadoran Civil War where an unknown number of people disappeared during the conflict, and the UN reports that more than 75,000 were killed

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