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Czech Republic Reference Aids Overview at the Family History Library

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This is an overview of reference aids useful in the Czech research. It is not intended to be a complete bibliography.


1. Autoatlas Česká republika 1:100 000. 2006. Auto atlas of the Czech Republic including major city plans. FHL book 943.71 E7a.

2. Velký Autoatlas Československa 1:200 000. 1990. Road atlas for Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic and Slovakia. FHL book 943.7 E7v.

3. Euro-Reiseatlas Tschechische Republik, Slowakische Republik 1:300 000. 1991. Road atlas of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including 10 city plans. FHL book 943.71 E5cs.

4. Militär-Landesaufnahme und Spezialkarte der österreichisch-ungarischen Monarchie. 1879-1928. Military detail and topographical maps of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. FHL film 1045395.

To learn more about maps for the Czech Republic see Maps.


1. Administratives Gemeindelexikon der Čechoslovakischen Republik. 1927-1928. Administrative Gazetteer of the Czechoslovak Republik). FHL book 943.7 E5a (vol. I, II).

  • Vol. I Administratives Gemeindelexicon für Böhmen (Administrative Gazetteer for Bohemia). FHL film 496719.
  • Vol. II Administratives Gemeindelexicon für Mähren, Schlesien, die Slovakei und Karpathorussland (Administrative Gazetteer for Moravia, Silesia, Slovakia and Sub-Carpatian Russia). FHL film 496720.

2. Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate vertretenen Königreiche und Länder. 1990. Gazetteer of the Crownlands and Territories Represented in the Imperial Council. FHL book 943.6 E5g.

  • Vol. IX Gemeindelexicon von Böhmen (Gazetteer of Bohemia). FHL film 1187927 item 1.
  • Vol. X Gemeindelexicon von Mähren (Gazetteer of Moravia). FHL film 924736 item 1.
  • Vol. XI Gemeindelexicon von Schlesien (Gazetteer of Silesia). FHL film 1187927 item 2.

To learn more about gazetters for the Czech Republic, including instructions and examples, see Gazetteers.


1. A Handbook of Czechoslovak genealogical research. Daniel M. Schlyter. 1985. FHL book 943.7 D27s.

2. Genealogical research for Czech and Slovak Americans. Olga K. Miller.1978. FHL book 943.7 D27m.

To learn more about genealogical handbooks for the Czech Republic see Genealogy.