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This is a selection of gazetteers useful for the research in the states of former Yugoslavia, namely Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro and Slovenia. It is not intended to be a complete bibliography.

  • Imenik mesta u Jugoslaviji. 1973. Gazetteer of Yugoslavia. FHL book 949.7 E5im and FHL fiche 6053513.
  • Imenik naseljenih mesta u Socijalističkoj Federativnoj Republici Jugoslaviji. 1985. Gazetteer of Yugoslavia. FHL book 949.7 E5i and FHL film 1181764 item 1.
  • Yugoslavia: official standard names approved by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. 1961. FHL book 949.7 E5u and FHL film 0874462 item 2 and FHL fiche 6053509.
  • Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate vertretenen Königreiche und Länder. 1990. Gazetteer of the Crownlands and Territories Represented in the Imperial Council. FHL book 943.6 E5g.
  1. Vol. IV Gemeindelexicon von Steiermark (Gazetteer of Styria). FHL film 1187926 item 1.
  2. Vol. V Gemeindelexicon von Kärnten (Gazetteer of Carinthia). FHL film 1187926 item 2.
  3. Vol. VI Gemeindelexicon von Krain (Gazetteer of Carniola). FHL film 1187926 item 3.
  4. Vol. VII Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate vertretenen Königreiche und Lander, Bd. 07 Küstenland (Gazetteer of Trieste, Gorizia-Gradisca and Istria). Online or FHL film 1187926 item 4.
  5. Vol. XIV Gemeindelexicon von Dalmatien (Gazetteer of Dalmatia) Online

  • A Magyar Szent Korona Országainak Helységnévtára. 1913. Gazetteer of Hungary divided into sections for Hungary (vol.1-2) and for Croatia-Slavonia (vol.3). FHL book 943.9 E5m.
  • Magyar helységnév-azonosító szótár. György Lelkes. 1998. Gazetteer of Hungarian localities based on 1913 boundaries. FHL book 943.9 E5Lg.
  • Allgemeines geographisch-statistisches Lexikon aller österreichischen Staaten. 1845-1853. Gazetteer of the Austrian Empire, comprising areas later located in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Italy. FHL book 943.6 E5r and FHL films 1187928-1187933 and 1186708-1186711.
  • Opći šematizam katoličke crkve u Jugoslaviji: cerkev v Jugoslaviji 1974. K. S. Draganović. 1975. Roman Catholic church directory of Yugoslavia. FHL book 949.7 K22o.

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