Community Meeting Agenda 12 January 2010

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Administrative items

Introduction of new members and those who have joined for the discussion related to the CIS migration issues.


Featured Wiki Pages

Information items

  • The Portal to Un-Portal project continues making progress, but it's slow! More help is needed. Please consider joining this group project and help complete this conversion!
  • There is a newly discovered problem with some links in the Wiki that previously went to pages containing Research Outlines, pedigree charts, family group sheets, etc.. This issue was just posted to the Forum. It appears the old Plone URL is now owned by someone else, therefore a large number of links in the Wiki incorrectly go to the site - Please join in the investigation of this problem and help resolve the issue. You can find this thread at: Major problem with some links to including links to example pages where this issues was found.

Someone forgot to renew the domain, and someone else simply grabbed it when it became available. I only get a Searchnut page, and the new owner is using domain privacy provided by the registrar.

Yeah, that is what I found too. I put comments in the forum. Thomas_Lerman 21:12, 12 January 2010 (UTC)
This matter will self-resolve as we find and replace the links that directed to the old site with links on this current one, we won't get every last one immediately but we should get the vast majority of them rather quickly. JamesAnderson 22:17, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

Discussion items

Log in problem - please refer to discussion page. Also note that the current status of all known CIS log-in migration issues are documented in the FamilySearch Wiki Technical Support Forum

  • Log-in not possible (CIS was down)
  • Sign-in Fix for IE6/7/8
  • Log-in is much worse
  • Security certificate problem
  • After sign-in, user is redirected to special page
  • User signs in as themselves, but are signed in as someone else
  • Session time-out
  • "My watchlist" is gone (for some)
  • Combine options still remains after combining is completed
  • Issues related to 3+ accounts being combined
  • Lost history/edits after combining accounts
  • "My contributions" is empty (for some?)

Chat History

  • Fran Jensen: I still can't get the system to call my phone. I will call in manually 866-274-9016
  • Fran Jensen: and participant code 336769 followed by #
  • Laralee: same with me & ditto
  • cottrells: Last weeks system was easier to connect to
  • Don Stringham: Fran, I am having the same problem as you are.
  • Don Stringham: k, I'm in.
  • Fran Jensen: please call in manually again (sorry I'm having so many problems with getting this fixed)
  • Kara: Ben, Could you please call in?
  • Ben Bennett (FamilySearch): I'm on the phone now
  • cottrells: searching for the string gives 71 results
  • cottrells:
  • Laralee: I would suggest that we make an announcement about it to remind folks to check/change any old bookmarks.
  • Fran Jensen: Good idea Laralee - thank you! Do you have a suggestion where this announcement should be posted? Maybe on the Home page?
  • Laralee: home page for sure
  • Laralee: not everyone will see it of course, but best to make it known in high view pages. Also known issues maybe?
  • Ben Bennett (FamilySearch): we can do something like that... list of known issues
  • Laralee: some issues may have been pre-new login and just not noticed until now because we weren't aware of any need to look closely at things
  • Laralee: which may make things even trickier to track down
  • Don Stringham: true :(
  • Laralee: maybe we could get a few pages that people are watching and make edits to test if the notices are going out?
  • Laralee: faster to do it that way than try and check histories
  • Don Stringham: I have to sign-out because of another committment.
  • Laralee: thanks Don
  • Ben Bennett (FamilySearch): Thanks Don!!!
  • Don Stringham: Ok, the mail server has been purged and should be running fine now.
  • Laralee: I love when tech folk can do that!
  • Laralee: *make it so* :)
  • Laralee: no ticket numbers in the forums - tech support probably does?