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:'''Colorado''' may also refer to:  
:'''Colorado''' may also refer to:  
:*[[Colorado County, Texas|Colorado County, Texas]]  
:*[[Colorado County, Texas Genealogy|Colorado County, Texas]]  
:*Colorado Springs, [[El Paso County, Colorado|El Paso]], Colorado  
:*Colorado Springs, [[El Paso County, Colorado|El Paso]], Colorado  
:*Colorado City, [[Mitchell County, Texas|Mitchell]], Texas
:*Colorado City, [[Mitchell County, Texas Genealogy|Mitchell]], Texas

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Colorado may refer to:

United States

  • Colorado, a western state of the United States
Colorado may also refer to:
  • Colorado River, rising in the state of Colorado and flowing through Utah and Arizona, forming part of the border between Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico, and between Sonora and Baja California, and formerly emptiing into the Gulf of California.
  • Colorado River (Texas), rising near Lubbock and flowing southeast through Austin, and empting into the Gulf of Mexico.


  • Colorado, Paraná, Brazil
  • Colorado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil