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From the middle of the 19th Century, Chinese immigrants arrived in both Australia and New Zealand primarily as Miners, Agricultural Laborers, and Merchants. A combined total of over 1.5 Million Chinese have immigrated to Australia and New Zealand representing almost 5% of the population of each country.

Online Resources[edit | edit source]

Chinese Cemeteries in Australia 澳大利亞華人墓地[edit | edit source]

Since his retirement from medical practice in 1996, Dr Kok Hu Jin has dedicated his life to transcribing and interpreting Chinese-language inscriptions on monuments and cemetery headstones throughout Australia. His publications contain pictures, inscriptions and translations of these monuments and headstones. The author provided the Romanized pinyin (Mandarin), various English meanings of the words, and summaries of his findings. This series of books are important for the research of Chinese genealogy and gravestones for oversea Chinese in Australia and worldwide.

The following links include the surnames, birth/death dates and locations. We are grateful that Dr. Kok kindly allows us to share these treasures with you.

自從在1996年從醫藥界退休后,Kok Hu Jin 醫生就投入了翻譯華人紀念碑與墓碑的工作。他出版的書含有照片,題詞 和翻譯。作者提供了中文拼音,英文解釋,與他的發現簡介。 這一系列的書對奧大利亞華人家譜歷史和墓碑研究有很大的貢獻。以下鏈接包括姓名、出生年月、籍貫等内容。Dr Kok 慷慨地允許我們在這裏與您分享這些寶貴資料。

點擊以下鏈接后,使用Crtl+F 组合键,輸入您查找的信息,文件會立即顯示查尋結果。

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