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Note[edit | edit source]

NOTE: For a way to determine what digital records are likely to be found within a collection or how to find missing images elsewhere, see Article 56000, Using Film Notes in the Catalog to determine the content of a final waypoint in Historical Records.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: The Event Type and Year Range (waypoint) title does not properly reflect the actual digital record content. Is there a way to determine what digital records are likely to be found within a collection?
Answer 1: The following list of known waypoint discrepancies describes the event type or year range that actually exist in this collection:

Hemiksem > Huwelijken 1896-1899 Overlijden 1891-1898 Geboorten 1900-1906 Huwelijken 1900-1901 and Huwelijken 1902-1906 Overlijden 1899-1906 Huwelijksbijlagen 1891-1893 contain each other’s images.

Puurs > Geboorten, huwelijken, overlijden 1797-1799 contains both Putte and Puurs records as follows:
• Images 3-282 of 492 are Putte records for Geboorten, huwelijken, overlijdens 1870
• Images 284-492 are Puurs records for Geboorten, huwelijken, overlijden 1797-1799