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Task Description[edit | edit source]

This is a Google or other internet search task. We need to locate the names and contact information for the individual churches (all denominations) in all the towns of Idaho. This should include addresses, phone numbers, and website addresses, where they exist. That information needs to be added to each of the town pages, at least for those towns which have operating or historical church congregations. A few of the towns may have already had some added.

Where known, information about the records of these churches should also be added -- what exists, their content, where the records may be accessed, etc.

At this point, do NOT link to Facebook, Twitter, or other social websites for these towns.

Assignment Chart[edit | edit source]

We need team members to volunteer to do these 170+ cities and towns, but we need you to volunteer for specific towns so we do not duplicate one another's work. Please review the list of towns in the chart below and sign up for the town for which you would like to volunteer by placing three tildes (~~~) in the "Responsible Party" column. When you add information for a town, please add the date completed in the appropriate column. Also feel free to add remarks, if necessary.

Town or City Responsible Party Date Completed Remarks
Aberdeen Lehuaneff 08/25/2010
Alameda no churches
Albion completed
American Falls completed
Ammon completed
Arco completed
Arimo Lehuaneff completed 
Ashton completed
Atomic City no churches
Bancroft Lehuaneff 08/23/2010
Basalt Lehuaneff 08/25/2010
Bellevue Lehuaneff 09/04/2010
Blackfoot Lehuaneff 08/25/2010
Bliss Lehuaneff 08/13/2010
Bloomington Lehuaneff 08/14/2010
Boise 09/24/2010
Bonners Ferry
Lehuaneff 08/18/2010
Bovill Lehuaneff 08/18/2010
Bruneau Lehuaneff no churches
Buhl Lehuaneff 08/10/2010
Burley Lehuaneff 09/06/2010
Butte City Lehuaneff no churches
Caldwell completed
Cambridge Lehuaneff 09/072010
Carey Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Cascade Lehuaneff 08/24/2010
Challis Lehuaneff 08/20/2010
Chubbuck Lehuaneff 08/16/2010
Clark Fork Lehuaneff 09/07/2020
Clifton Lehuaneff 08/24/2010
Coeur d'Alene Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Corral Lehuaneff no churches
Cottonwood Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Council Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Craigmont Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Crouch Lehuaneff no churches
Dayton Lehuaneff 08/24/2010
Deary Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Declo Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Donnelly Lehuaneff 08/24/2010
Dover Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Downey Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Driggs Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Dubois Lehuaneff 08/20/2010
Eagle Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
East Hope Lehuaneff no churches
Emmett Lehuaneff 09/23/2010
Fairfield Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Filer Lehuaneff 08/10/2010
Firth Lehuaneff 08/25/2010
Fort Hall Lehuaneff 08/25/2010
Franklin Lehuaneff 08/24/2010
Fruitland Lehuaneff 09/07/2010
Garden City Lehuaneff 09/08/2010
Genesee Lehuaneff 09/08/2010
Georgetown Lehuaneff 08/14/2010
Glenns Ferry Lehuaneff 08/29/2010
Gooding Lehuaneff 08/13/2010
Grace Lehuaneff 08/23/2010
Grand View Lehuaneff done
Grangeville Lehuaneff 09/08/2010
Greenleaf Lehuaneff 09/10/2010
Greer Lehuaneff 09/10/2010
Hagerman Lehuaneff 08/13/2010
Hailey Lehuaneff 09/10/2010
Hamer Lehuaneff 08/23/2010
Hayden Lake Lehuaneff 09/11/2020
Hazelton Lehuaneff 09/11/2010
Heyburn Lehuaneff 09/11/2010
Hill City Lehuaneff No churches
Homedale Lehuaneff already done
Hope Lehuaneff 09/11/2010
Horseshoe Bend Lehuaneff 09/11/2010
Idaho City Lehuaneff 09/11/2010
Idaho Falls completed
Inkom Lehuaneff 09/11/2020
Iona Lehuaneff 09/11/2020
Irwin Lehuaneff no churches
Island Park Lehuaneff 09/11/2010
Jerome Lehuaneff 09/11/2010
Juliaetta Lehuaneff 09/11/2010
Kamiah Lehuaneff 09/13/2010
Kellogg Lehuaneff 09/13/2010
Kendrick Lehuaneff 09/13/2010
Ketchum Lehuaneff 09/13/2010
Kimberly Lehuaneff 08/10/2010
Kooskia Lehuaneff 09/13/2010
Kootenai Lehuaneff 09/120103
Kuna Lehuaneff 09/01/2010
Lapwai Lehuaneff 09/13/2010
Lava Hot Springs Lehuaneff 09/13/2010
Lewiston completed
Lewisville Lehuaneff 08/23/2010
Mackay Lehuaneff 08/20/2010
Macks Inn Lehuaneff no churches
Magic Lehuaneff no churches
Malad City Lehuaneff 09/14/2010
Malta Lehuaneff 09/14/2010
Marsing Lehuaneff 09/14/2010
McCall Lehuaneff 08/29/2010
McCammon Lehuaneff 09/01/2010
Meadows Lehuaneff no churches
Melba Lehuaneff 09/14/2010
Menan Lehuaneff 08/23/2010
Meridian Lehuaneff 09/23/2010
Middleton Lehuaneff 09/15/2010
Midvale Lehuaneff 09/15/2010
Minidoka Lehuaneff no churches
Montpelier Lehuaneff 08/04/2010
Moore Lehuaneff 09/15/2010
Moscow completed
Mountain Home Lehuaneff 08/29/2010
Moyie Springs Lehuaneff no churches
Mud Lake Lehuaneff no churches
Murphy Lehuaneff 09/15/2010
Nampa Lehuaneff completed
New Meadows Lehuaneff 09/16/2010
New Plymouth Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Nezperce Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Notus Lehuaneff no churches
Oakley Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Oldtown Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Orofino Lehuaneff completed
Oxford Lehuaneff 08/24/2010
Paris Lehuaneff 08/14/2010
Parma Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Paul Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Payette Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Pierce Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Plummer Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Pocatello Lehuaneff completed
Ponderay Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Post Falls Lehuaneff 09/23/2010
Potlatch Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Preston Lehuaneff 08/23/2010
Priest River Lehuaneff 09/17/2010
Raft River no churches
Rexburg 09/18/2010
Richfield 09/18/2010
Rigby Lehuaneff 08/23/2010
Riggins 09/18/2010
Ririe Lehuaneff 08/21/2010
Roberts Lehuaneff 08/23/2010
Rockland 09/18/2010
Rockville no churches
Rupert 09/18/2010
Saint Anthony 09/18/2010
Salmon Lehuaneff 08/20/2010
Sandpoint Lehuaneff 09/19/2010
Shelley Lehuaneff 08/25/2010
Shoshone Lehuaneff 09/19/2010
Soda Springs Lehuaneff 08/23/2010
St. Charles Lehuaneff 08/14/2010
St. Maries Lehuaneff 09/18/2010
Stanley Lehuaneff 08/20/2010
Star Lehuaneff 09/19/2010
Strevell Lehuaneff no churches
Sublett Lehuaneff no churches
Sugar City Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Sun Valley Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Swan Valley Lehuaneff no churches
Tensed Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Tetonia Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Troy Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Twin Falls Lehuaneff 09/24/2010
Ucon Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Victor Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Wallace Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Weippe Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Weiser Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Wendell Lehuaneff 08/13/2010
Weston Lehuaneff 08/24/2010
Wilder Lehuaneff 09/20/2010
Winchester Lehuaneff 09/20/2010