Virginia's Southside Light Artillery

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Brief History[edit | edit source]

  • Organized in January 1862
  • It was assigned to the 2nd Regiment Virginia Artillery and when that unit disbanded, it became an independent command.
  • For a time the battery was unattached, then it served in the Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia and later the Department of Richmond.
  • It participated in various conflicts around Suffolk and in the siege operations against Petersburg. However, much of its service was at Drewry's Bluff.
  • Converted to infantry, the company ended the war at Appomattox. Where 1 officer and 67 men surrendered.
  • Commanders were Captains John W. Brewry and James B. Jones.
  • AKA - Drewry's Company, Virginia Artillery

Companies[edit | edit source]

Men from Chesterfield County


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