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Running List of Challenges Encountered While Constructing This Page[edit source]

  1. Tried to add Crystal Lake Family History Center info.  Located the FHC using FamilySearch's "Find a FamilySearch Center" and copied address and phone info into sandbox article.  Attempted to link to wiki article for Cyrstal Lake Illinois Family History Center and discovered that it had been set up as Crystal Lake Illinois Family History Center.  Created new page for Crystal Lake (correct name of the community) FHC, then had to locate a page with a redirect because I couldn't remember how to do one, and couldn't find anything by searching for "redirect."  Remembered that Fran Jensen had a redirect for her name to her user name page and so used that page to duplicate redirect syntax accurately.
    Rather than going through the process of creating a new page, you can "Move" the page (see under Views) and then it automatically moves all the content and sets up the redirect for you. janellv
  2. Tried to inter-wiki link Family History Center (the article I'd worked on several months ago).  Typing the words "Family History Center" exactly, without quotes, into the Insert/Edit Link dialogue yields 10 results - all Family History Center pages beginning with the letter "A."  Tried to add a link to the Family History Library wiki article - Insert/Edit link search does not find it.  :-(  I now have seven tabs going, one to FamilySearch "Find a FamilySearch Center" and the rest to misc. wiki articles.
    The correct article is Introduction to Family History Centers. Probably not the best name? It may be the plural is what dropped it down too low for you to find it in your search results. I think we should probably take all the other FHC articles and redirect them to this one. I only know it because I came across it yesterday while doing something else and thought, hmm, I was thinking we were going to use a different name for that article... :)  janellv
  3. Where to put information about neighboring counties?  The listing of counties is provided for similiar reason to providing the historical boundaries, or what the county was part of before it became its own county.  Putting the Neighboring Counties with Places and Localities separates it from the History, and both are about where someone might search for information.  Potential solution: expanding "History" to "History and Geography" (since schools tend to lump them together under "Social Studies").  But then should Places/Localities be placed with History and Geography?  The most important information would then be off the first couple of screens.
    I like that idea of putting it all together in "History and Geography". janellv
  4. Can't figure out where to put Township information.  Places and Localities?  Maps?  History (and Geography)? How will Chicago Community Areas fit into this picture?
    It does seem like it belongs under Places/localities, but I'm not sure how to answer the rest of your question.. janellv

Civil Records[edit source]

How about "Government Records" rather than "Civil Records"? janellv 12:28, 12 July 2011 (UTC)