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Tongan Archives[edit | edit source]

The preservation of records for the Kingdom of Tonga and establishing a national archive in Tonga was an agenda item in 1986 of the United Nations. Click here for link to the document.  A considerationof retrofitting a historic building known as Saione Mo'tua was considered and later discarded due to retrofitting costs for archival use.

Missionaries to Tonga in 1800ssource

1263-1963 history book of Pyritz[edit | edit source]

This is a book of general historical information which in turn can provide a researcher with a base for other types of records to search for ancestral information. It provides through poetry and writings of Pyritz a sense of ties to this medieval town which still draws descendants back to its boundaries. In searching for basic historical information about Pyritz and its beginning, a book "1263-1963 - 700 Jahre Weizackerstadt, Pyritz, Pommern" [which means "1263-1963 700 Years of a wheat city known as Pyritz, Pommern"] was referred to by directors of archives in both Poland, Berlin and Griefswald, German.

The book is 6" x 8" in size, written in German, and contains 106 pages. The book is not indexed, however, it does contain historical photos of buildings within Pyritz and the surrounding areas.

A copy of this book was also located on the shelves at the Ogden Utah Family History Center located at 539 24th Street, Ogden UT   84401, Phone:  801-626-1132.  The Family History Library of Salt Lake City Utah does not have a copy. 


The Table of Contents is as follows:

Memory (Joh. Koc)
We Commerate Those Who Have Passed On (Mayor Dr. Zimmermann)
Welcome! (District Councilor Dr. Reccius)
Welcome to All Pyritz Citizens (Pomeranian Homeland Association)
Sponsorship Certificate (Korbach District Committee)
Greetings (Dr. Oskar Eggert)
Foreword (Home District Coordinator Krause)
Preface (Retired Mayor Mr. Floret)
Grant (City Charter Pyritz) Introduction
Past History, the Country and its People
Timeline of the City's History
The Medieval City Fortification and its Expansion
The Cultural Center of the Weizacker
Church and School, Science and Art, Foundations and Clubs
The City's Agriculture and its Connection with the District
Agriculture and Industry
The City's Assets
Social Influence
City Government
The End

Hiking in the Pyritzer Countryside
Folk Saga in the District of Pyritz

List of Cities and Towns in the District of Pyritz
The District City Korbach [a sister city]

Sources: 1263-1963 700 Jahre Weizackerstadt Pyritz, Pommern bei FLORET, Otto and KRAUSE, Walter.  

Helpful research websites[edit | edit source]

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