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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The greatest strength of the Family Search Wiki is that everybody can add in their information to made it better. But that also means things can begin to look a little haphazard. What I really like doing on the Wiki is to organize the information to make it clear and useful, which helps everyone. I particularly like bullet points. If anyone else has a better way, then go for it. Just make the information clear and useful.

  • If information is wrong or misleading, I remove it.
  • If there is duplicated information, I eliminate one of them.
  • Otherwise, I simplify the previously added entries.
  • Then I add my own information.

I hope no one is offended by my editing. I know I am making changes to other's efforts, so I try to keep in mind what I would have wanted to see when I was just starting out in genealogy. I do this editing for those who are new and don't know where to look. This wiki can be a great resource for them.

Research[edit | edit source]

I have been doing genealogy and Family History for over 20 years now. I started out researched my Father's line, then my Mother's. Now I am researching my Wife's line as well. Below are some of the surnames I am researching and the histories I wrote.

  • Spouse => Sandoval, Guillen, Madrano, Gonzalez
    • The Adolfo and Jesus Sandoval Family History
    • The Victorino and Elvira Medrano Family History
  • Mother => Tietjen, Cluff, Hatch, Kruger
    • The AH Tietjen family in Sweden
  • Father => Sabin, Shumway, Smith, Dorwart
    • Life and Times of Dewey Wallace Sabin
    • Life and Times of Parley Pratt Sabin
    • Life and Times of David Sabin
    • Life and Times of Josiah Sabin
    • Life and Times of William Sabin

Will happily share any of the above histories, just let me know.

Important Pages[edit | edit source]

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