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Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG

R Koford profile photo 2014.jpeg

Background[edit | edit source]

I am a California native but have lived in Maryland for 21 years now. I served in the Micronesia Guam Mission from 1993-1994 and married my very patient husband, Brent, in 1995 in the Los Angeles Temple. We have three wonderful children: a son and daughter at BYUI and our youngest daughter is still in high school.

Genealogical Experience[edit | edit source]

I have been lecturing and taking genealogical clients since 2004. I am a graduate of ProGen 4, the 18-month online study groups that study Professional Genealogy by Elizabeth Shown MIlls. I have been the Administrator of the ProGen Study Groups [1] since January 2015. I speak at conferences locally and have spoken for the Maryland State Archives, National Genealogical Society Conference, and for Legacy Webinars. I am have been very happy to be involved in the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions project supported by FamilySearch and the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS). I volunteer as a board member of the Maryland Genealogical Society (MGS) and at the Frederick Stake Family History Center. My specialty is Maryland and I have a lot of experience with New York and records of the National Archives and DAR Library in Washington, D.C. I'm very pleased to be a part of this mission.

Education[edit | edit source]

Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh
June 2015 - New York Research

Certified Genealogist (SM)
May 2013 - Board of Certification of Genealogists® (BCG)

National Institute on Genealogical Research (now Gen-Fed)
July 2011 - National Archives and Federal Records

ProGen Study Group
ProGen 4, September 2009 - April 2011

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy
January 2011 - Advanced Methodology

National Genealogical Society Home Study Course
2009 - American Genealogy

University of Redlands, Redlands, California
June 1996 - B.S., Business and Management

Publications & Webinars[edit | edit source]

Webinar - Association of Professional Genealogists
30 March 2017 - “Write or Regret It: Research Logs, Research Plans, and Timelines” [2]

Webinar - Legacy Family Tree
21 March 2017 - “Are You My Grandpa? Men of the Same Name” [3]

Webinar - Legacy Family Tree
2 March 2016 - “War of 1812 Records – Preserving the Pensions” [4]

The SAR Magazine, Volume 111, no. 3, page 23. Winter 2017
“Revolutionary Patriots and the War of 1812: A Family's Wars”

NGS Family History Conference, 7 May 2016
"How I Built My Own Brick Wall and the Sledgehammer of Experience" [5]

NGS Family History Conference, 5 May 2016
"Social History and the Family Narrative" [6]

NGS Family History Conference, May 2016
"State Land State Deed Records 101: Understanding, Mapping, and Finding" [7]

APG Quarterly, Volume 31, page 23. March 2016
with Darcie Hind Posz, CG, “The Etiquette of Subcontracting”

Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, Volume 55, Number 1, page 79. April 2015
“War of 1812 Records in Maryland Outside of the National Archives”

Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, Volume 55, Number 3, page 419. December 2014
“The Baxter Family: Linking Generations from Pennsylvania to Maryland”

Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, Volume 55, Number 2, page 257. August 2014
“Identifying John C. Clements, War of 1812 ‘Old Defender’ Correcting Misleading Information”

NGS Magazine, Volume 37, Number 4, page 16. October – December 2011
“Using Video to Better Understand a Family’s Past”

Lecture Topics[edit | edit source]

Beginning Genealogy Research: Either You Never Start or You Never Stop (Beginner)

Vital Records: Birth, Marriages, Deaths, and Alternative Sources for Vital Information (Beginner)

Seizing the Census (Beginner)

How Do I Know It’s Correct? An Introduction to Evidence and Proof (Beginner)

Researching in Maryland: State Archives, Local Repositories, and Online (Beginner)

Local Resources: Courthouses, County and Town Clerks (Beginner)

The Dead and the Dying: Cemetery and Funeral Home Research (Beginner)

Research Logs, Research Plans, and Timelines: Write or Regret it! (Beginner to Intermediate)

Land Records: Rich Resources for your Research (Beginner to Intermediate)

Probate Records: More Than Just Wills (Beginner to Intermediate)

Building My Own Brick Wall and the Sledgehammer of Experience (Beginner to Intermediate)

Paleography Puzzles: Handwriting for Genealogists (Beginner to Intermediate)

Researching Your War of 1812 Ancestor and the Preserve the Pensions Project (Intermediate)

State-Land-State Deed Records 101: Understanding, Mapping, and Finding Relationships (Intermediate)

Newspaper Record Research (Intermediate)

Digging Deeper: City Directories, Taxes, and Voter Registrations (Intermediate)

Grandma Where Art Thou? Female Ancestors: A Case Study (Intermediate)

Are You My Grandpa? Men of the Same Name (Intermediate)

Defining Hope: A Case Study of Men Named William Hope in Early Baltimore (Intermediate to Advanced)

Writing the Family Narrative as a Technique for Breaking Brick Walls (Intermediate to Advanced)

Identifying and Preserving Family Photographs (Intermediate to Advanced)

Writing the Family Narrative: Researching Social History (Advanced)

Contact[edit | edit source]

Please feel free to contact me at or call or text to 301-675-1384 (Eastern time).