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[edit | edit source]

There are so many things I like to do, namely; reading, genealogy and temple work, traveling, sewing, quilting, walking, camping, dancing, playing the piano and being with family is my most favorite thing to do.

QUILTING[edit | edit source]

I started helping with quilts in Relief Society when I was a single girl.  When I got married and was pregnant with our first child, I sewed together scraps of material from the Barbazon Company in Provo.  To make it into a baby quilt I used embrodery stitches and it turned out very cute.


There is nothing in life other than raising children that brings as much joy as doing family history work and preparing names for the temple.  To actually take a family name to the temple and perform the ordinances, gives a greater feeling of joy than doing the work for someone that is unknown to me.  The day we took the names of my grandfather and grandmother to the temple to do his work and then have them sealed together was an extraordinary day for me.

DANCING[edit | edit source]

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to dance.  My parents were so kind in recognizing this and they provided opportunities for me to take lessons in ballet, tap, modern jazz and baton. These classes filled my Saturdays with much happiness for me.  My sister and I would also love to dance with Dick Clark's American Bandstand program on the television. 

HANDOUTS[edit | edit source]