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I graduated with a BA from BYU (’05) with a Family History focus in US Southern research. During my Internship at the National Archive Regional Center in Georgia, I spend time in the courthouses and cemeteries of my Southern roots. With my husband, I have visited the homes, parishes and archives of my ancestors in Denmark, Isle of Man and England.

I love to put flesh on the bones of her ancestors and won BYU’s Family History of the Year Award for histories that focusing on my Utah  Pioneer ancestors. My enthusiastism as a teacher comes from loving to help others find their roots. I'm currently the Director of the Utah Orem Sunset Heights Tri-Stake Family History Center (located across from the Orem Krispy Kremes.)

My husband also shares my passion for digging up dead relatives and connecting them to living relatives.

A personal goal is to become an accredited genealogist and still be an amazing wife, mother and grandmother.