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just some quickly thrown together ideas (not completely thought through)

Proposal for Contributor Recognition
A possible opportunity for both councils to entice new contributors as well as keep existing contributors at the wiki. (at least it might be a little extra incentive)

These are only possible suggestions
Create two new award userboxes (shown below) for contributor recognition but they would be slightly different than the current GOLD and SILVER stars.

  • The current userbox recognition "stars" are designed to be awarded from "user to user" whereas these new userbox recognition badges would be issued only from an unanimous vote of each of the councils.
  • Each council would have its own award but the scope of the "nominations" would be geared toward each councils function.
  • the Community Council could target users contributing to the wiki content (e.g., extensive effort on 1 topic), longevity (e.g., 5 yrs of service) and community efforts (e.g., mentoring), behind the scenes (creating system templates), etc., etc.
  • the Governance Council could target nominations for service (support) work, leadership and organizational efforts, teaching and training, etc., etc.
  • there would obviously be overlap but some distinctions could be decided upon.
  • For the GC award, nominations would be open to everyone except sitting GC or CC council members (until they “retire”) whereas the CC award would also restrict current employees and missionaries until they are no longer in their current positions within the wiki (this might encourage more volunteers outside the support functions (the general public) or might retain others after their mission has ended).
  • By having two complimentary but competing (a friendly rivalry) places to submit nominations for the same "Gem Award", the peer recognition would not fall to the wayside as appears to have happened with the gold starts. The competition between the councils would keep things alive and moving.

Two new userbox awards in addition to the current Gold Star and Silver Star userboxes.

GC Gem.jpg
given to this user for
exceptional work keeping the Wiki moving forward .

G C Gem Award (verified via GC category listing)
unanimous (full 8 vote) by the Governance Council
specific contribution should be cited on the award
opened to anyone except "sitting" GC or CC council members (not eligible until retirement)

CC Gem.jpg
given to this user for
exceptional work keeping the Wiki moving forward .

C C Gem Award (verified via CC category listing)
unanimous (full 6 vote) by Community Council
specific contribution stated on the award
Not opened to "current" employees/missionaries (GC or CC members not eligible until retirement)

Emblem-star.png This user has been awarded a Gold Star for a job well done.

Gold star (verified via "User awarded a gold star" category listing)
User to user
should be for outstanding leadership or significant contribution recognition (specifc, not generalizations)

Emblem-star-silver.png This user has been awarded a Silver Star for providing assistance of the highest order.

Silver star (verified via "User awarded a silver star" category listing)
User to user
should be for outstanding assistance recognition for a specified area or project