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Transcluding directions

As far as the transcluding is concerned, go to the other table page (not the table on the toolbox page) and put the and around the table itself.

Then go to your page and call up the other page using the name with double braces "{" around it. You are basically telling the transclusion to grab the entire page but it will only grab the information (table) that is between the onlyinclude tags. I would put it in that code just before your current table and make sure that you get two duplicate images of the table before you delete the coding for you current table. Make sure all the updated info and links are the same for both tables.

Technically you could do it the other way around (transclude from your page) but you can not distinguish the onlyincludes for different transcludions that may be requested (verified with Charles) so it is safer to transclude from the page with the least amount of information on it. For example, it is unlikely someone else will also add other onlyinclude markers to the other (smaller) page but it is possible that you or someone else might add multiple onlyinclude markers to your long toolbox page. Ultimately, this only means that editing of the table will have to be done on the original page (not the toolbox page). Just change the info below the table to say something like "to edit this table click here" and link it back to the other page.

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