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Birth Information Substitutes[edit | edit source]

Use these substitute records to locate birth information about your ancestor:
Death Records May include the deceased individual's birthday or age at death is given, suggesting an approximate birthdate by subtracting the age from the death date.
Cemetery Records Tombstone inscriptions and records created when a deceased individual was interred in a cemetery.
Census Records Census records from 1830 onward give ages of the recorded individuals, allowing researchers to calculate birth years.
Church Records Include baptism records, which occasionally give the individual's birthday. Also includes death and burial records, sometimes giving individual's age at death, allowing researchers to calculate approximate birth years. In order to access these records, researchers need to know the church their ancestor attended.
Newspapers Contain obituaries. Before the 21st century, obituaries were mostly restricted to leading members of a community or for those who died in an unusual manner. While the majority of the population did not have their own obituaries, such records often give the individual's age at death, and sometimes include birth information.
Military Records May provide the age and/or birth date of the individuals who served in military positions.