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Proposed Wiki Design Elements[edit | edit source]

by Jane's committee on how to use the wiki

  • the above, and anything below [in brackets] is clarification; it will be replaced with links or removed once this page goes live
  • The nest section, "What is the wiki" explains the context of the wiki, and therefor is germane to all wiki users. Its title should be on the main page with a link to this material. Also, there should be a links back to the main page and to the how to use the wiki page, so folks can choose to either begin their wiki journey from the main page or from the beginners page.

Material to be added to the wiki[edit | edit source]

Following are suggested pages to add to the wiki

1. What is the wiki? [General information that may be used my many. See below; it will be linked to from the main page and perhaps others, especially from new beginners pages.

2. Beginning Research

3. Beginning Editing/writing for the wiki

What is the Wiki?[edit | edit source]

The FamilySearch Wiki is a resource for helping you find your ancestors. It provides links and references to sources where information or documents may be found telling you about your ancestors. It also has information about places and types of genealogical records. You search here for context and sources; not for specific individuals or families.

Historical Records, Trees, and the FamilySearch Family Tree.(now are places to find specific information about individuals and families.
:[NOTE: the parenthetical phrase about new FS will be removed once FamilyTree is available to the general public.]

Return to main page [add link to the main page]
Learn how to use the wiki to research ancestors.[add links] Learn how to edit and/or add information to the wiki.[add links]

Maximizing your Wiki Experience, or
How to Use the Wiki
[edit | edit source]

Following are tips and tricks for:

  • finding genealogical related information to help you find ancestors,
  • communicating with other researchers,
  • contributing new information to the wiki, and
  • helping the wiki support team to keep the wiki a lean, mean, genealogical machine.

[following will have links to specific pages]

Genealogical Data/Information
[edit | edit source]

What the Wiki is, and isn’t [link back to what's the wiki]
Types of Information in the Wiki
Searching for Genealogical Information
Genealogy Research strategies [link to Charles & Lee's new page]

Getting research help

Anatomy of the Wiki[edit | edit source]

Anatomy of a page (what are all those boxes?)

Who “owns” wiki pages

What is the wiki community?

Discussion/Talk pages

User Pages: What & How,  Guidelines

Communicating with others
[edit | edit source]

About wiki policies & procedures

About wiki content

About Genealogy Research

About specific wiki pages

Discussion/Talk pages
Be polite, no personal attacks

Contributing to the Wiki
[edit | edit source]

The Community
Maintaining its integrity
Helping users
Writing articles, big and small
Adding information to a page
Editing Articles

Wiki Ediquette Guidelines
Please no personal attacks

Classes & Meetings
[edit | edit source]