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template:Jnobbie/sandbox/Organization Infobox

Parameters[edit | edit source]

{{{organization name}}}
President: {{{president}}}
Address: {{{address}}}
Phone: {{{phone}}}
Hours Open: {{{hours open}}}

Rename Parameters[edit | edit source]

Name of Organization
Image goes here
President: President's name
Address: Address
Phone: Phone number
Hours Open: Hours opened

Saving the Infobox as a Template[edit | edit source]

template:your username/sandbox/template name Infobox

Template:Jnobbie/sandbox/Organization Infobox

Jeannette's fun[edit | edit source]

McQueen Clan
Steve-McQueen 1968 (cropped).jpg
President: Steve McQueen
Address: Hollywood
Phone: 123-456-7890
Hours Open: 10am - 5pm

References[edit | edit source]

File:Steve-McQueen 1968 (cropped).jpg


organization name
President: president
Address: address
Phone: phone
Hours Open: hours open