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Lessons 1. Home


After you have typed in the name you want for your sandbox practice page, hit the enter key or click search icon on left side of search box. A list will then appear and your entry will appear at the top of the list in red. The red just means that your sandbox page has not been created yet. Click on that "red link," and a blank edit box will appear with the name of the sandbox page you just created displayed at the top.

Corrections: The red links are now a 3 choice blue links option the 3rd option is the one to create the page now.

Lessons 2. Introduction

Symbol Wikitext

< > - angle brackets. Used in opening div tags:

paragraph tags and br tags are also <> tags

If changed we also need to change the last quiz and answer

Buddy and Santa 2013.jpg

Lessons 3. Wikitext--Headers

Exercises and answers


History and Vital Records should be Header 3 size

Birth Certificates header should be 4 size

Lesson 4. Wikitext-- Links

E-mail links


Doesn't work for me in Canada so it may not work for other countries outside the USA Site Name

Links Exercises


Nevada Research Tools

for some reason it doesn't go to Nevada Research Tools section

5. Broken Links Exercises last question and answer doesn't match
Missouri, United States Genealogy

6. Wikitext--Images (cont.) # 11

Top of the page 1st section says:
How to place the image[edit source] Default position is on the left side of the page as you see above.

Default position is on the left side of the page as you see above.

This is the top of the page so the word above can be taken off as no picture above.

9. Visual Editor - Text Styling # 5

Quick Quiz
Last 2 questions info isn't even in this lessons text so it's not relevant to this lesson. Best for the section Help under Visual Editor as there it's in the right section of Visual Editor.

To make some text bold, you can highlight text and type: A. Ctrl I B. Ctrl 6 C. Ctrl U D. None of the above. To make some text italic, you can highlight text and type: A. Ctrl I B. Ctrl U C. Ctrl B D. None of the above.

Visual Editor - Cite References # 7
Quick Quiz - 2nd Question not sure if this needs to be there

After you have typed in the reference, you can only change it to a link after you have saved it? A. True B. False

Your answer if B. False I just didn't think that this was relevant to this lesson

Visual Editor - Media # 9.1
Adding a photo does work but it says you can move it around

15. However it may not appear just where you want it. To move it around, you can place your mouse on the image and drag it to where you want it.

It doesn't move around unless you go out of it to wikitext

Under Quick Quiz
Says not operational at this time Answer says true but it does upload a photo so needs to be corrected

Visual Editor - Templates # 9.2
Adding some templates do not work, some maintenance templates work and others don't so limited on templates as too what will work

Visual Editor - Special Characters # 10
4. The French language is not in the list so it needs to say you can use some of the symbols for other languages for French, Russian, Spanish etc.

I found French symbols in the Latin languages as there was no French. I'm Canadian so I know French symbols but others won't know where to find them.

Quick Quiz - 2nd question/answer no mention of Russian alphabet

3rd question no mention of Spanish language



Table example some coding wrong opening codes bottom 2

 it should be 
. . .
Healthy Foods
Foods with short shelf life Foods with long shelf life
Fruits Vegetable Nuts Grains
Apples Peas Peanuts Wheat

For Henny these need to be corrected:

Mon 13. Backgrounds this same section down 3 x's Tues 13. Backgrounds Wed 20. Backgrounds

Tues 19 Alignments Wed 26 to 30 Alignments is the very same section 6 x's

Tues 16 Padding Wed 21 Padding is the same section 2 x's

Tues 16 Margins is the same section 2 x's Wed 23 Margins

Tues 17 Borders is the same section 2 x's Wed 24 Borders

Tues 15 Div tag Introduction is the same section 2 x's Wed 22 Div tag Introduction