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For information about records for non-Christian religions in Singapore, go to the Religious Records page.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Church records are an excellent source for information on names and dates and on places of births, marriages, and burials. Singapore is a multi-religious country. According to Statistics Singapore, around 51 percent of resident Singaporeans (i.e., not including significant numbers of visitors and migrant workers) practice Buddhism and Taoism. About 15 percent, mostly Chinese and Indians, practice Christianity - a broad classification including Catholicism, Protestantism and other denominations. Muslims constitute 14 percent, of whom Malays account for the majority with a substantial number of Indian Muslims. Smaller minorities practice Sikhism, Hinduism and others, according to the 2000 census. About 15 percent of the population declared no specific religious affiliation.

Churches by Denomination[edit | edit source]

The National Archives of Singapore and the Family History Library hold copies of church records on microfilm and some digitally. The records below are listed according to the repository and the type of record. NOTE: The Singapore National Archives catalogs their films as NA and NAA, this is not to be confused with other national archives. Some of the FamilySearch digital images are only available on site at family history libraries and centers.

Anglican[edit | edit source]

St. Andrew's Cathedral

FamilySearch Catalog
Singapore National Archives (NAS)
  • Baptism Registers, 1823-1981 Microfilm NA 001, NA 1935
  • Marriage Registers, 1823-1971 Microfilm NA 003, NA 004, NA 1936
  • Death Registers, 1823-1976 Microfilm NA 001, NA 002, NA 1935

St. Hilda's Church

Singapore National Archives (NAS)
  • Baptism Registers, 1941-1974 Microfilm NA 059
  • Marriage Registers, 1941-1974 Microfilm NA 059
  • Death Registers, 1943-1974 Microfilm NA 059

Church of England

FamilySearch Catalog

Church of Our Saviour

FamilySearch Catalog
Singapore National Archives (NAS)
  • Baptism Registers, 1953-1992 Microfilm NA 191, NA 2307
  • Marriage Registers, 1963-1997 Microfilm NA 191, NA 2308
  • Death Registers, 1968-1997 Microfilm NA 191, NA 2308

St. James' Church

FamilySearch Catalog

Apostalic[edit | edit source]

Armenian Apostalic Church

FamilySearch Catalog
  • Church records FS film 1356947
  • SUPPLEMENTAL FILMING. Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1982. on 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. Text in English. Marriages 1879-1927 Births 1955-1976 Confirmations 1961 FS film 1356948 Item 1

Methodist[edit | edit source]

Tamil Methodist Church

Singapore National Archives (NAS)
  • Baptism Registers, 1885-1938 Microfilm NA 249
  • Marriage Registers, 1885-1961 Microfilm NA 249
  • Death Registers, 1885-1938 Microfilm NA 249

Wesley Methodist Church

FamilySearch Catalog
  • Membership records 1927-1972 Notices of marriages 1951-1954, FS film 1085266
  • Marriages 1941-1972, FS film 1085267

Telok Ayer Methodist Church

FamilySearch Catalog

Presbyterian[edit | edit source]

Orchard Road Presbyterian Church

Singapore National Archives (NAS)
  • Baptism Registers, 1946-1971 Microfilm NA 034
  • Marriage Registers, 1946-1973 Microfilm NA 034

Roman Catholic[edit | edit source]

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

FamilySearch Catalog
Singapore National Archives
  • Baptism Registers, 1830s-1980s Microfilm NAA 001, NAA 002, NAA 003
  • Marriage Registers, 1830s-1930s Microfilm NAA 004, NAA 005
  • Death Registers, 1850s-1980s Microfilm NAA 005

Church of the Good Shepherd

FamilySearch Catalog

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

FamilySearch Catalog

Church of the Nativity of our Lady

FamilySearch Catalog
  • Baptisms 1884-1937 FS film 1085268
  • Deaths 1920-1973 FS film 1085269
  • Baptisms 1937-1964 FS film 1085270

Church of St. Joseph (Portuguese Mission), Waterloo Street

FamilySearch Catalog
Singapore National Archives
  • Baptism Registers, 1840s-1960 Microfilm NAA 008, NAA 009, NAA 010
  • Marriage Registers, 1860s-1970s Microfilm NAA 010, NAA 011, NAA 012
  • Death Registers, 1840-1950s Microfilm NAA 011, NAA 012

Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Queen Street

FamilySearch Catalog
Singapore National Archives (NAS)
  • Baptism Registers, 1870s-1970s Microfilm NA 029, NA 030, NA 031
  • Marriage Registers, 1870s-1960s Microfilm NA 033
  • Death Registers, 1870s-1960s Microfilm NA 032
  • Registers of Baptism, Death and Confirmation at Fujigo, of Bahau Settlement at Negri Sembilan Microfilm NA 033

Protestant and Catholic Records[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Microfilm of transcripts of baptisms, marriages, and burials from Protestant and Catholic churches in British India. Includes returns from the British colonies of Burma, Malacca and Singapore.

Major Religions[edit | edit source]

The following churches may be contacted to request church records:

The Anglican Diocese of Singapore
Saint Andrew's Village
1 Francis Thomas Drive 01-1
Singapore 359340
Telephone: 6474 1660

Lutheran Church in Singapore
30 Duke's Road
Singapore 268912
Telephone: 6464 6337; Fax: 6464 6323

The Methodist Church in Singapore
70 Barker Road
Singapore 309936
Telephone: 6478 4775

The Presbyterian Church in Singapore
132 Sophia Road
Church House
Singapore 228186
Telephone: 6338 5837

Trinity Theological College (Ecumenical)
490 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678093
Telephone: 6767-6677
Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia
Director: Rev. Dr Michael Poon
Singapore-Malaysia Collection, College Library
Librarian: Mr Michael Mukunthan