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In 1978 I asked my Aunt Miriam, my dad's sister, about my family.  She sent me 6 pages of typed notes. I then asked my Aunt Aileen about my mother's side and from that sharing I made charts.  Life got in the way, making a living and I didn't do anything with the family history till 1999.  It has exploded since then. I never expected to get so far with my family history on both sides of the tree.  My Mother's side is all Canadian, she was born there in Vancouver, BC. She has English, Irish and Scottish roots.  The Irish side came over about 1830-31 settlling in Hastings Co., Ontario, while the other side of her family came over in the 1850's from Lancashire, England and settled in New Brunswick.  My dad's father's maternal side came over sometime maybe before 1795 from Scotland and his paternal side is unknown but it is suggested they came out of the Glengarry area of Ontario. I write about these families in my blogs, The Man Who Lived Airplanes and the Boardman's and Browns of Winnipeg. I have been attending the British Institute's class the week of October 18th and learning a lot.