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The small library in my home town held many fascinations for me. One in particular was the Bobbsey Twin Mysteries. I devoured each book.
When my children were young, we began collecting the Bobbsey Twin mysteries. We would often read a chapter or two as bed time stories. I became more active online and in a literary discussion someone referred to me as Bobbseyfan. The username stuck.

1. Background
2. Family Names
3. Education
4. Other Interests
Born and raised in the small farming community of Benjamin, Utah, I am still very proud Benjamin has no stoplights. Close enough for the country life, and near enough a larger town to provide the best of both worlds.
I was fascinated with the stories my grandmothers would tell of their parents. Both were widowed by the time I was 5. I was blessed to spend a great deal of time with both wonderful women as I grew up.
A change in the Young Woman Personal Progress happened just after I became a Beehive. One of my Personal Project goals was to organize my personal family history. I have been active in Family History for much of my life after that point.
Family Names
Adam Crites and Charity Williams Family (Ohio, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska)
Clarence Lincoln Benjamin Crist and Della May Crites Family (Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Idaho, and Colorado)
John Campbell and Lucretia King Family (Missouri and Colorado)
Lot Toles and Elizabeth Inman Family (South Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin)
Alexander Smith and Edith [ ? ] (Arkansas and Tennessee)
Asa Park Ware and Elendar Cartwright (Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri)
Samuel Billingsly and Eliza Walker (Illinois)
John William Walker and Melinda Ann Tucker (Illinois)

CD 1 & 2 of the National Genealogical Society Home Study Course
Southern Utah University, English Literature B. A.

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