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E-mail File for Authorization[edit | edit source]

1. Enter image information[edit | edit source]

Name:              ________________________________________

E-mail address: ________________________________________

File:                  [Choose file] _____________________________

Title of File:      ________________________________________

Description:      ________________________________________

Creator:            ________________________________________

Creation date:   ________________________________________

(note to engineering: the following item needs to include a checkbox in place of the bullet, and is required to be checked or the image submission will not go through but will come back to this page with a note in red that this is a required field.)

  • I certify that I have the right to distribute this picture and that it does not violate the Conditions of Use or Image Use policies. (For more information, see the Help page for submitting images and files.)

2. Select which license to publish the image with
[edit | edit source]

(Bullets below should be radio button selectors.)

  • I got this image from elsewhere on the Internet.
    Give website address:  ______________________________________
  • This is an image from a FamilySearch online collection.
    Name of collection: ______________________________________
  • I own the rights to publish this image and release it to the Creative Commons license used by the Research Wiki. (See what this license means.)  
  • This is our organization's logo and we give permission for its use on the Wiki.

3. Are there living people in the image?[edit | edit source]

Images of living people should not be uploaded unless they meet one of the following exceptions. If your image includes living people, please mark which exception it falls under:

  • There are no living people in this image.
  • It is a head shot of me for my User page
  • The individuals in the photo have theirs backs to the camera or they are too far away to be able to make out facial features.
  • I am with a library, family history center, or other organization that wants a picture on my organization page showing people using our resources, I have permission to post it from each person shown in the picture, AND the image follows the guidelines set forth in the Image Use page.