Tuscany Jurisdictions

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Province (Provincia)[edit | edit source]

The region of Tuscany is divided into 10 provinces (similar to counties in the United States): Arezzo (AR), Florence (Firenze) (FI), Grosseto (GR), Livorno (LI), Lucca (LU), Massa-Carrara (MS), Pisa (PI), Pistoia (PT), Prato (PO), and Siena (SI). The State Archive (Ufficio dello Stato Civile) of each province is located in the provincial capital. Municipalities provided the state archives with copies of their original civil registration during the years 1809-1865.

Tribunal (Tribunale)[edit | edit source]

From 1866 to the present time, copies of civil registration are sent to the Tribunale (much like a county court in the United States) from the towns that lie within its jurisdiction. Each province has one or more tribunali.

Town/Municipality (Comune)[edit | edit source]

A town (comune) recorded and still records the births, marriages, and deaths of everyone within its jurisdiction. This may include outlying smaller villages and farms. The original is kept in the comune while copies were sent to the state archives (1809-1866) and to the tribunale (1866-present).

Hamlet/Ward/Village (Frazione)[edit | edit source]

A hamlet is referred to as a frazione. A comune may have several frazioni within its boundaries. Usually the civil records for a frazione are kept in the larger comune.

Province of Arezzo Capital: Arezzo -- Tribunale: Arezzo -- Comuni  (List of towns, including website links)

Province of Florence (Firenze)  Capital: Firenze  -- Tribunali: Firenze, Prato -- Comuni 

Province of Grosseto  Capital: Grosseto -- Tribunale: Grosseto -- Comuni

Province of Livorno Capital: Livorno -- Tribunale: Livorno -- Comuni

Province of Lucca   Capital: Lucca -- Tribunale: Lucca -- Comuni 

Province of Massa-Carrara   Capital: Massa -- Tribunale: Massa -- Comuni

Province of Pisa  Capital: Pisa -- Tribunale: Pisa -- Comuni

Province of Pistoia  Capital: Pistoia -- Tribunale: Pistoia --Comuni


Province of Siena  Capital: Siena -- Tribunali: Siena, Montepulciano -- Comuni

Province of Prato  Capital: Prato -- Tribunale: Prato -- Comuni