Tracing Living People in England

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Telephone directories, message posting services, indexes, and other sources can help you contact a friend or relative in the recent past.

Learn more about these sources on The British Library site at

A fact sheet on this subject has been prepared by the Family Records Centre in London. The link to it is:

Although not a genealogy site the place to enquire about living relatives in the Uk (and in the case of migration/immigration) is the Salvation Army which operates a questionnaire (fee payable) and Family Tracing Service. This is not a family history service but a social work service to trace relatives out of contact. Inappropriate for:
*Friends or others with whom there is no formal relationship
* Situations where adoption has taken place
* Fathers of children born outside marriage
* Young people under 16/17 years
* Family history research
International family member location is offered. If the family member is found to have died appropriate support is offered including face to face bereavement support. This would seem to resolve the patron request in case and is a long established resource.