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Periodicals published by genealogical or historical societies in the country of origin can help you trace an emigrant's origin. Periodicals are most helpful if you know which region in the country your ancestor is from. Most periodicals cover a county or state within a country and generally deal with only the records and the people of that area. The articles of particular interest to tracing emigrants include lists of surnames members are researching, inquiries, departure lists, and indexes.

Many periodicals have a section where society members (and sometimes others) place inquiries asking for information on a particular ancestor. This is a way to find living relatives and others who are tracing the same family. It is often free for members, but there is usually a fee for nonmembers. You can either place an inquiry or look for inquiries in previous issues that might be about your ancestors. Many periodicals contain indexes to various types of records. Some have indexes to people leaving an area or country.

You will find periodicals in many libraries, archives, and record offices. Some bibliographies list genealogical periodicals. Genealogical society directories list organizations likely to publish genealogical periodicals. The Wiki articles for various countries and states identify major periodicals and any significant indexes to periodicals of that country or state.