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The Tobolsk Gubernia, or province, was created on 12 December 1796. Prior to this point, the Tobolsk Gubernia had been a part of the Siberian Province and Tobolsk Vice Royalty.

In 1802, the Tobolsk Gubernia, along with the Irkutsk Gubernia became part of the Siberian General-Governorship. In 1822, the Siberian General-Governorship was divided into Eastern and Western Siberian. The Tobolsk Gubernia became a part of the Western Siberian General-Governorship.

The Tobolsk Gubernia existed until the time of the Russian revolution when it passed into the hands of the Bolsheviks and was officially renamed the Tyumen Oblast in March of 1920.[1][2]

Districts[edit | edit source]

Uyezdi of the Toblosk Gubernia

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Tobolsk gubernia consisted of ten uyezdi, or districts as shown on the table below.

District - English District - Russian
Berezov Березов
Ishim Ишим
Kurgan Курган
Surgut Сургут
Tara Тара
Tobolsk Тобольск
Turinsk Туринск
Tyukalinsk Тюкалинск
Tyumen Тюмен
Yalutorovsk Ялуторовск

The Omsk (Омск) uyezd was a part of the Tobolsk gubernia from 1801-1833, 1838-1854 and 1868.[3]

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