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The Mordy Collectionis a collection of microfilms containing pedigree information and indexes that deal with the Jews of the British Isles. The information was compiled by isobel Mordy of Middlesex, England. The original material consisted of individual slips of paper, which have now been placed on microfilm. The collection consists of four seperate sections as shown below.

Index to Pedigree Slips[edit | edit source]

This index has been arranged alphabetically by surname. It gives the name, pegigree code, generation number, and the personal reference number of the pedigree slip on which the name is found. The microfilm numbers for these indexes are:

  • Aaron to Pyke FHL film# 1279240
  • Raalte, Van to Zusman FHL film# 1279241

Pedigree Slips[edit | edit source]

The pedigree slips are seperate slips of paper for every member of a family. These slips could include date of birth, marriage and death, name of spouse and sometimes other information. However most of the additional information is located in the Miscellaneous data Index. The pedigree slips are arranged in families and each has a code. The first letter is the initial letter of the family. The slips are arranged by Pedigree Code. The slip for each member of a family has a Pedigree Code. This consists of a family code plus three numbers. The first number is the refernce number of the parent in the previous generation. The second number is the generation number. The third number is the reference number of that person within the generation.

Generation numbers are as follows:

  • Born 1600 to 1700     Generations 1-4
  • Born 1700 to 1800     Generations 5-8
  • Born 1800 to 1900     Generations 9-12

Film numbers for the pedigree cards: 

  • Pedigree A to Si       FHL film #1279242 
  • Pedigree Si to end    FHL film #1279243

Miscellaneous Data Index[edit | edit source]

This index is also arranged alphabetically according to the surname of the principal person named on the slip. Every person mentioned on the slip, other than the main person has been given their own slip with a reference made back to the main slip. This index includes births, marriages, deaths, wills, census returns, naturalization and citizenship notes and other miscellaneous information. Sources have also been included whenever possible. The microfilm Numbers for the Miscellaneous Indexes are:

  • Miscellaneous followed by A to Dyte      FHL film #1279244
  • Eder to Ives                                          FHL film #1279245
  • Jackson to Luyt                                    FHL film #1279246
  • Lynes to Quallo                                    FHL film #1279247
  • Raalte to Zusman                                 FHL film #1279248

Locality Indexes[edit | edit source]

These are indexes to the addresses in the Miscellanous Data Index. Every address mentioned in that index is included in these indexes with a reference to the slip in the Miscellaneous Data Index on which the street appears. It is divided into three sections.

  1. London: Arranged alphabetically by street. However, streets of the same name have been included in the same group, regardless of actual locality within London.
  2. United Kingdom and Southern Ireland: The larger towns have been subdivided into streets.
  3. Foreign countries.

The film numbers for the locality indexes are:

  • London FHL film #1279249
  • United Kingdom and Southern Ireland (excluding London ) FHL film # 1279250
  • Foreign countries FHL film #1279250

All of the records from the Mordy Collection have been compiled and are now part of the Knowles Collection : The Jews of The British Isles.