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FamilySearch This article describes the services and resources available at a Family History Center, a branch facility of the Family History Library.

Terreton Idaho FHC
1297 East 1500 North
Terreton, Idaho
Hours - by appointment
For appointments, please call:
Trish Petersen, 663-4867
RueAnn Yearsley, 663-4611
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Rigby Idaho FHC
The Terreton Family History Center is affiliated with the Rigby Idaho Family History Center.

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Terreton Idaho Stake Center

The Terreton Idaho Family History Center is located in the Terreton Idaho Stake Center (North side). We serve the Terreton Idaho Stake.

Location[edit | edit source]

1297 East 1500 North, Terreton, Idaho

  • The Center is located in the North side of the building.

Center Contacts and Hours[edit | edit source]

Hours are by appointment only. Please call Trish Petersen at 208-663-4867 to schedule a time

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  • ID_Terreton@familyhistorymail.org

Open Hours:

By appointment only, please call 208-663-4867

Holiday Schedule:

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Center Resources[edit | edit source]

Collections[edit | edit source]

Databases and Software[edit | edit source]

  • FHC Portal This center has access to the Family History Center Portal page which gives free access in the center to premium family history software and websites that generally charge for subscriptions.

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Links[edit | edit source]

  • Using the FamilySearch Research Wiki: A comprehensive video presentation explaining the Wiki, navigating it, and some especially useful pages. Case studies demonstrate using the Wiki for genealogical research. Editing and adding articles to the Wiki are covered.

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